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EDRI headquarter held flag-raising ceremony for new mansion settlement

Source: Act Date Issued: 2016-05-24 Page View: 467

May 24 morning, under the crystal blue sky, EDRI new headquarter mansion stood majestically in the bright sunshine. Proposed by Mr. Zhao Zhenyuan, the legal representative of EDRI, the flag-raising ceremony for new mansion settlement would be held here. President Zhao Zhenyuan, Party Secretary He Ping, Senior Vice President Liu Shengchun, Wang mingyun, Yao Wei, Deputy Party Secretary Wang Heng, Senior Vice President Wang Yibo, Vice President Sun Ming, Yao Hong, Wan Feng and other 150 headquarter leaders and staffs attended the ceremony. Vice President Yao Hong presided over the ceremony.

Mr. Zhao Zhenyuan delivered a speech before the flag-raising ceremony at 8:18. President Zhao said thatthe flag-raising ceremony, reflecting willingness, teamwork, corporate culture and brand value, was a part of the enterprise's core competitiveness. From then on, all major activities of EDRI should be carried flag-raising ceremony. Today, the red national flag and the white DERI flag raised, marking that EDRIwas to enter a new historical stage.


After Vice President Yao Hong announced flag-rising, DERI flag team, consisting of Bioengineering Institute Wang Xing, Huang Wanquan,JiRuoyi and Li Zhao, neatly stepped into the scene. They were clothing-neat, handsome and dignified, shouting "one-two-one" slogan. With their presence, the scene suddenly became sacred and solemn. In the majestic national anthem, a tall, handsome flag raiser threw the flag into the air, bright flag rising toward the sun and fluttering in the wind. All the staff kept the eyesof the raising flag, with patriotismfull of their hearts. After national flag,EDRI flag also rose with the cheerful song "We are family". A strong love for EDRI brand and its team jumped on everybody’s heart. When national flag and DERI flag rose to the top, here burst into thunderous applause.We witnessed this historic moment together, wishing EDRI a better future.

Vice President Yao Hong said that today was an important moment for EDRI. Under the leader team which President Zhao Zhenyuan as the core of leadership, EDRI had gained significant achievements in the field of high technology, new energy and advanced logistics, becoming a well-known national brand. Today we held a solemn flag-raising ceremony here, declaring EDRI to step into a new era.