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“2016 China PV plant Top 20 Releasing conference

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May 22, with one of the largest new energy exhibition, SNEC International New Energy Expo approaching, initiated by the most authoritative new energy website PVP365 and hosted by Really New Energy, “2016 China PV plant Top 20 Releasing conference "& " Jolywood ∙ Chinese PV Leading Corporations Pujiang Dialogue " was solemnly held at Shanghai Pudong Kerry hotel.

The conference began with the speech delivered by GaoJifan, the Chairman of China Photovoltaic Industry Association and Board Chairman of Trina Solar.

In the first session of Pujiang Dialogue, “PV New Energy Dialogue”, the national famous leaders in new energy industry presented, including Zhao Zhenyuan, PengXiaofeng, CHNT General Manager QiuZhanwei, Trina Solar Vice CEO GaoJiqing, Xinmin New Energy CEO Han Qinghao, Zhongmin International FinancingYang Yue, ET Solar CEO Yu Haifeng, Ping An Securities Wang Haisheng. And TÜV Group XuTingting. Their discussions mainly focused on 2 issues: how to improve investment and financing system of PV plant in 2016, and whether the hot internet finance can build a large platform for power plants.Meanwhile, Comrade Zhao Zhenyuan introduced EDRI’s current operating, listing and restructuring, investment and financing.

After tea break, the second session of Pujiang Dialogue opened around the topic “China PV Manufactory Another Peak in 2015”. SSE Hubei Chairman of Board Chen Jianguo, Huawei FusionSolar Deputy General Manager in China Huang Huijin, Jiangsu Linyang General Manager Pei Jun, PVP365 Xue Yuan, Changzhou Trina Solar COOC Zhu Zhiguo and other industrial celebrities exchanged their profound thoughts about the questions “how to innovate and upgrade key products of power plant, to achieve grid parity as soon as possible”, “how to enhance business advantages and further strengthen the international industrial competitiveness”, and “under the China 2025 manufactory trend, how to promote PV manufacturing intelligentiztion”.


 The crucial session, “Chinese PV Leading Corporations Pujiang Dialogue” was hosted by Wang Jin, the Director of NBRC International Cooperation Center Energy Research Institute. The dialogue was a confrontation of ideas, with wisdom and inspiration colliding. It focused on industry hot spot and reflected development trends, bringing the audiences a brilliant feast of mind. 
      Meanwhile, " Jolywood ∙ the First Global Double-Side Application Design Competition" launched at the meeting. The competition with industry wisdom and innovative ideas collected, would promote the development of efficient integration of PV technology, and enhance industrial competitiveness. In the meeting, Jolywood released solicitation letter, and offered the most authoritative national experts the judge certificates. According to the negotiations between Zhao Zhenyuan and Lin Jianwei, the Chairman of Board of Jolywood, the competition result would be released at “EDRI Night of Wuxi New Energy Expo”, Dec. 3.  Also, Mr. Lin invited President Zhao to be a member of the competition judges committee.


The conference hall of Shanghai Kerry Hotel was fully packed at 1:30pm. Initiated by PV365 and Prose Poetry Association, held by JiaxingNanhu Literary Federation and Reciter Association, “"With New Energy - Poet Zhao Zhenyuan Prose Reading Session" began in anticipation. Over 300 industrial leaders and poem lovers were invited.


Before the session, fans warmly welcomed Mr. Zhao who came in advance, requested his signatures and took photos with him.During the reciting scene, Sun Qinghua, Yuan Ying, Hu Hongbing, GuoJie, Liang Hui and other Jiaxing famous hosts and recitersperformed soulfully, winning warm applause from the audience.
      The reciting session selected 3 poems of Mr. Zhao, including “The Rain in Jiangnan”, “Red Flat Fluttering” and “Sun Is New Everyday”, to express Mr. Zhao - a new energy leader as well as a famous prose poem, his photovoltaic feelings, entrepreneurial passion, warrior personality, great aspiration and his poetic life.


The powerful, elegant and passionate performance, the beautiful background image, along with the empathetic poems, the reciting brought the audience an unprecedented scene, and a cultural feast. Nearly an hour of poetry was far from enough, people expecting more. This reciting session breezed the Forum with fresh breath of literature, and infused poetic romanticism in to the surging photovoltaic industry.
      Poetry recitation held successfully, set Mr. Zhao again asafocus in the industry, as well as focus in literary world.
      After the recitation, Zhao Yuan thanked to the reciters on stage, and congratulated the awarded performers, hoping this recitation activity will bring a fresh and elegant breeze of literature to new energy industry.


 The conference went into the "2016 Global Top 20 PV Power Plants releasing". Standing high in popular favor, EDRI ranked into the "2016 China Top 20 PV Power Plant Corporations (Miscellaneous)" and became the top 3 of "2016 China PV Power Plant EPC General Contractors Ranking”. Awarded by Director Wang Jin and PVP365 Chairman of Board Hu Hongjun, Mr. Yu Caizhireceived the award with thunderous applause. Outstanding form other competitors, EDRI received this honor, which reflected its achievement was well recognized in PV industry, proofing its great brand influences again.

  “China Distributed PV Roof Union” launched at 2:00pm. Supported by national policy, China Distributed PV Roof ushered in an important development opportunities. To promote the healthy and efficient development of Chinese rooftop PV, 33 corporations’ leaders including EDRI Deputy President Yu Caizhi, Trina Solar, CHINT New Energy, Icahn, and PVP365, jointly launched the alliance on the stage. Later the third Pujiang Dialogue discussed around “Market and Business Model of Distributed PV Power Generation”. Deputy President Yu Caizhi, Jiangsu LinyangGuYongliang, Changzhou Trina Solar Niu Yong, Guangzhou SAJ OuyangJiagan, HeibeiNuowei PV Equipment Su Tianjun, Zhongtianyaoyang New Energy Sun Songjie, Ningbo Ginlong Wang Yiming, and other industrial elites came up their opinions. Meanwhile, Mr. Yu Caizhi delivered an excellent speech about distributed PV roof safety in design and construction, as well as waterproof and other network issues, winning warm applause from audiences.  
      The conference also issued "2016 Top 20 global PV Power Plant Corporations (Miscellaneous)", "2016 China Top 20 PV Power Plant Investment Corporations", "2016 China Top 20 PV Modules Corporations", "2016 China Top 20 PV Inverter Corporations"," 2016 China Top 20 PV Mounting Corporations."
      After a brief stopover in Shanghai, Mr. Zhao Zhenyuan backed to headquarter. Yu Caizhi, Wan Lilang, Ji Chao and other EDRI participants continued to attend the meeting.
      Deputy President Yu Caizhi, Wan Lilang, Ji Chao, Zhao Bin, Yang Xueliang, Qinjian Bing, He Guangyang, LvZhenhua, XuWenjie, Zhao Yuanyuan, Zhou Li, Jiang Weiguo, Ma Yun, Chen Daliang and other branch leaders and staffs attended the activity.