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General Introduction


Electronic information industry the eleventh design and research institute of science and technology engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "11" science and technology, English abbreviation EDRI) is a professional engaged in engineering consulting, engineering design and engineering general contracting business of large-scale comprehensive engineering and technical services company, in 2011 the ministry of construction of large design institute ranked 31, mainly in the service of electronic high-tech and high-end manufacturing, biological medicine and health care, municipal and road and bridge, logistics and civil construction, electric power, integrated service and so on six big business.

11 is the domestic takes the lead in the overall restructuring of large design institute of science and technology. By the eleven of the fourth mechanical industry design institute, established in 1964 as a whole was changed. With "comprehensive qualification grade a engineering design certificate", "housing construction general contracting one class aptitude" and "mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction general contracting one class aptitude".

Since its establishment, the science and technology consulting, design, supervision, nearly all turnkey projects and for semiconductor integrated circuit, new display devices, biological products, photovoltaic (pv) of new energy and other high-tech products production environment need to purify the air conditioning system, gas system, pure water systems, chemical systems, automatic control system for the engineering design and construction of good experience

11 technology for the domestic and foreign customers provide a good engineering services, our clients include smic, Intel, LG, hynix, Siemens, Volkswagen, philips, lucent, MOTOROLA, father of the United States, samsung, foxconn, IBM, DELL, roche, cargill, Vince, electric division, China guodian group, sichuan changhong, nanjing panda, Shanghai vander-waalsforces, Shanghai hua hong, Shanghai advanced, Shanghai Mr Bei, huawei, zte, tianwei group, suntech power, RON artest, in jiangsu, central photovoltaic, founder group, prologis logistics, chengdu biology, etc.

11 technology is headquartered in chengdu, in Shanghai, Beijing, tianjin, chongqing, wuxi, suzhou, nanjing, dalian, shenzhen, wuhan, xi 'an, mianyang, hefei, xiamen, hangzhou, nantong, taiyuan, xining, shenyang, jinan, kunming, Hohhot, shijiazhuang, guiyang, haikou, luoyang, changchun, kunshan, changsha, nanchang, urumqi, Lhasa, jiaxing, yinchuan, yancheng, etc. With more than 30 peripheral branches, sincerely to provide service for customers.

11 technology has four national design masters of science and technology, sichuan province seven design masters, enjoy special government allowances of 23 people, led by researcher level high 13 by more than 300 registered engineers as the main body of the technical team of more than 2800 people. 11 technology editor and participated in national and industry standards and 40 won the excellent design, excellent consulting, general contracting, scientific and technological progress and other kinds of awards 242, the national reward 38, BuShengJi award 171. 11 technology passed the quality management system environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system certification.

11 technology adhere to the core values of "credibility and innovation", to "design perfect, service best" quality policy, to provide quality products and services!


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